Seasons drinkings!

Seasons drinkings one and all! If you are feeling festive and want to spread the good cheer then Sweetbird has the perfect treat for you. Sweetbird’s favourite Christmas recipes have been compiled into a handy download, just head here to get your copy.


Sweetbird Christmas Recipe Sheet 2016

There’s everything your customers could want this Christmas. Over indulgent hot chocolates with all the trimmings, flavoured lattes that taste like Christmas treats and mulled wine Soothies suitable for all ages! It’s not hard to get in the holiday spirit with these cups of delicious.

One thing we have been particularly happy to see, is more and more festive juices (hot and cold) being adopted by big chains.  We don’t want to say we called it, but you might have noticed we’ve been championing Sweetbird Soothies for quite some time, so welcome to the party everyone.

Sweetbird Christmas Recipe Sheet 20165

Our personal favourite this winter is the Spiced Tropical Soothie. All it takes is 50ml of Mango & Passionfruit Smoothie and 2 pumps of Chilli Syrup topped with hot water – easy to make and delicious. For more traditional flavours, the Virgin Mulled Wine Soothie is a great winter warmer if you want all the great taste of mulled wine without the alcohol. Win, win right?

If fruit isn’t your bag, that’s fine! There’s plenty of other recipes to recommend from a Mice Pie Hot Chocolate (which is some kind of Christmas magic) to Eggnog essentials. Christmas is the perfect time to go big or go home which is why there is a whole page devoted to creative cream and decadent toppings.

Sweetbird Christmas Recipe Sheet 20166

Whatever it is that your taste buds desire, download it now and find the drink for your menu!