Sweetbird is a busy little thing. Flying around the world, researching flavours from the comfort of his trusty deck chair. It’s all for you y’know.

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09 June 17

Happy National Iced Tea Day

Celebrating one of summers favourite drinks, tomorrow is National Iced Tea Day and is the perfect opportunity for you to boost sales and make some nice profit. Read more »

01 June 17

Flavour Focus: Lemon & Lime

With the official start of summer just around the corner, the sun is beginning to make an appearance and the temperature is rising, making June the perfect month to bring out the fruity citrus flavours and get your menu ready for the busy summer buzz. Read more »

26 May 17

Flavour Focus: Caramel

One of the ultimate classics, caramel is a key flavour to have on your menu and Sweetbird thinks it is just delicious. Thanks to its rich, smooth taste it blends perfectly with both hot and cold drinks for a wonderful tempting treat.

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03 May 17

Brand new sizzling summer products

The bird has been let out of the bag and we are incredibly excited to announce we are launching a brand new range of Sweetbird Fruit Purées. Bursting with real fruit, our Purées are the versatile ingredient for all your cold drink needs.

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