From Smoothie to Soothie™

Well the weather has certainly turned and we’re all donning bobble hats over straw hats at Sweetbird Headquarters. You might be thinking the time for Sweetbird Smoothies has gone with the warm weather, but have you ever tried a Sweetbird Soothie™? These hot fruit punches are a welcome alternative to tea, coffee or chocolate in the winter. Some of the more spicy varieties make an excellent and festive alternative to mulled wine that all ages can enjoy. Even better, they are all vegan approved!

Sweetbird Soothie teapot

Making a Sweetbird Soothie™ couldn’t be simpler and the method is the same for each of the recipes.

You can make it up in batches if you have a soup kettle to keep it hot in and add fresh fruit and spices for that extra special touch. So don’t bench Sweetbird Smoothies this winter, instead give them pride of place as Sweetbird Soothies™!


R&B Hot SoothieHot Pink Lemonade

Lemon Smoothie with Pink Grapefruit Lemonade Syrup

The Veg Patch

Peach, Spinach and Ginger Smoothie with Pumpkin Spice Syrwrup

Bakewell Tart

Raspberry and Blackcurrant Smoothie with Amaretto Syrup



Beet the Chill

Raspberry, Blackcurrant & Beetroot Smoothie with Chilli Syrup

Chai Passion

Mango & Passionfruit Smoothie with Chai Syrup

Toffee Appleberry

Raspberry & Blackcurrant Smoothie with Toffee Apple Syrup

Group SoothiesSpiced Lemon Cup

Lemon Smoothie with Cinnamon Syrup (also works great with Chai, Pumpkin Spice or Winter Spice Syrup)


Strawberry & Banana Smoothie with Cinnamon Syrup

Hot Strawberry Sherbet

Strawberry Smoothie with Lime Syrup

Peach Cobbler

Peach Smoothie with White Chocolate Syrup

Berry Crumble

Raspberry & Blackcurrant Smoothie with Cinnamon Syrup


soothies trio

And a special one for the grown ups!

Gingerbread Growler

Lemon Smoothie with Gingerbread Syrup and a shot of rum!


So give them a go, we are sure you customers will love them as much as we do! Don’t forget to share your Sweetbird successes and your #SyrupSquad with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.