Flavour Focus: Lemon & Lime

With the official start of summer just around the corner, the sun is beginning to make an appearance and the temperature is rising, making June the perfect month to bring out the fruity citrus flavours and get your menu ready for the busy summer buzz.

Sweetbird is all about tangy juicy flavour and you can’t get much tangier or juicer than lemon and lime. There are many products in the range to mix and match helping you to bring an exotic touch to your menu and keep those customers coming back for more summertime sizzlers. This months Flavour Focus is jam packed with tips and recipe ideas to make the most of what June has to offer.

flavour focus


As well as half term and Father’s Day, June also kick starts festival season, not to mention its National Iced tea day on the 10th. These kinds of events provide you with the perfect opportunity to make some easy profit, so be sure to get involved by adding some specials to your menu and promoting products in store and on social media.

Introducing new favours to your menu doesn’t have to be time consuming or costly. Sweetbirds Lemonade syrup range is available in 3 different flavours and has been designed to allow you to quickly prepare a delicious fresh drink by only adding water and ice.


So whether you want quick and easy options to entice more customers, or to find out how to use Sweetbirds Lemon Smoothie 6 different ways, you can find it all plus more tips and recipes in this month’s edition. Download it here.