Flavour Focus: Coconut

Summer is officially upon us and we are celebrating the warmer temperatures with a taste of the tropics in this month’s Coconut Sweetbird Flavour Focus.

july ff

Choose from a delicious selection of hand-picked coconut themed recipes and get your menu ready for the summer buzz. From refreshing iced teas and lemonades to fruity smoothies and frappés, there’s a whole range of exotic serves for you to tempt customers with. All recipes are all made with either Sweetbird Coconut Syrup or Sweetbird Coconut Purée and are super simple to whip up.

coconut lime

Why not give our easy Coconut Limeade recipe a try.

Perfect for busy shifts, you can make large batches in jugs to keep in the fridge allowing you to serve quicker.

Alternatively put it in a glass dispenser on the counter as a thirst-quenching reminder to customers.

Dairy-free options are a must on any drinks menu so don’t limit yourself to using just dairy milk. Many customers with allergies will be looking for a dairy- free option so switch things up with plant-based options to create delicious new flavour combinations. Coconut milk in particular adds a delicious sweet smooth taste. You can find tonnes of delicious recipes as well as interesting dairy-free facts and blending tips to make sure your drink making goes as smoothly as possible.

coco hc

Not only does coconut work well with fruity flavours, it’s also a perfect pairing with chocolate. Discover how to make a fruity Cocoberry Hot Chocolate, a spicy Tropical Chilli Choc, and a cool and creamy frappé with a coffee kick.

Next month life will be getting very peachy as we will be giving you a whole collection of delicious peach recipes, made with Sweetbird Peach Smoothie, Peach Syrup and more. Don’t miss it!