Flavour Focus: Caramel

One of the ultimate classics, caramel is a key flavour to have on your menu and Sweetbird thinks it is just delicious. Thanks to its rich, smooth taste it blends perfectly with both hot and cold drinks for a wonderful tempting treat.

Find out how you can easily add it to your existing drinks to expand your options as well as lots of delightful new recipe ideas with May’s Flavour Focus.caramel

First up you can discover Sweetbirds three different varieties of caramel syrup and find out what drink options they blend perfectly with. Whether you want to offer a sugar free option or add a more luxurious taste to your menu you can learn how with a few simple steps.

With a sunny 3 day weekend on the cards our Caramel Cooler or Praline Frappé recipes are the perfect tempting treats for a Bank Holiday special, they will entice thirsty customers out of the summer sun in search for a delicious pick-me-up.

caramel cooler

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